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Post by concertcris on 4/9/2009, 11:57 am

Sad I was not happy to see Scott eliminated on Wednesday (4/8). He was in the bottom 3 with Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds and I honestly think Lil should have been eliminated instead as she continues to be un-original but if she had by chance been the least vote-getter I think the judges would have saved her. Each week their comments of her are not very good but for some reason they think she has the "it" factor.

Anyway, my point on this particular elimination was it was cruel the way they did it. They only have one save card to use for this season and it seems the judges were divided: two against two to keep or send Scott home. His singing on the Wednesday show was so much better without the guitar so he deserved another chance I think. I know he would not have won the title but I feel he is very talented and I am so hoping he gets to record an album because I know I would buy it. I can honestly see him possibly being the next Billy Joel with his piano talents.

In closing I have to say I hate this "save" card rule and hope they get rid of it next year. It just gives false hope to whomever is leaving and I think they will use it possibly on Lil, Allison or Kris as they have to use it before the top 5.

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